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Florfenicol ELISA Test Kit

Florfenicol ELISA Test Kit
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The Kernel Florfenicol ELISA Test Kit is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of florfenicol in feed, fish, eggs, honey, meat, milk, milk powder, serum, shrimp and urine. 

The Florfenicol ELISA Test Kit is a competitive colorimetric ELISA assay. The florfenicol has been coated in the plate wells. During the analysis, sample is added along with the primary antibody specific for florfenicol. If florfenicol is present in the sample, it will compete for the antibody, thereby preventing the antibody from binding to the drug attached to the well. The secondary antibody, tagged with a peroxidase enzyme, targets the primary antibody that is complexed to the drug coated on the plate wells. The resulting color intensity, after addition of substrate, has an inverse relationship with the target concentration in the sample.