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Colistin ELISA Test Kit

Colistin ELISA Test Kit
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The Kernel Colistin ELISA Test Kit is an effective tool for the screening of colistin in meat samples including poultry, beef and pork. This kit combines a unique and proprietary colistin extraction method along with stable standards to deliver dependable, accurate, rapid, cost effective and easy colistin analysis. 

The Kernel Colistin ELISA Kit is based on a competitive colorimetric ELISA assay. A colistin antibody has been coated in the plate wells. During the analysis, sample is added along with the primary colistin antibody. If the target is present in the sample, it will compete for the antibody, thereby preventing the antibody from binding to the drug attached to the well. The secondary antibody, tagged with a peroxidase enzyme, targets the primary antibody that is complexed to the drug coated on the plate wells. The resulting color intensity, after addition of substrate, has an inverse relationship with the target concentration in the sample. 

Colistin, also known as polymyxin E, is a cationic lipopeptide antibiotic isolated in 1950 from Bacillus polymyxa subsp. colistinus. It is most notable for its activity toward the multidrug-resistant organism Pseudomonas aeruginosa and low rates of resistance. Colistin is a mixture of cyclic polypeptides colistin A and B. Colistin is effective against most Gram-negative bacilli. Food of animal origin is also tested for colistin residues because of the possible risks for human health. It is restricted in the EU and Japan.

The Kernel Colistin ELISA Test Kit has the capacity for 96 determinations or testing of 42 samples in duplicate (assuming 12 wells for standards). Return any unused microwells to the foil bag and reseal them with the desiccant provided in the original package. Store the kit at 2-8°C. The shelf life is 12 months when the kit is properly stored.