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Bovine tuberculosis Antibody ELISA

Bovine tuberculosis Antibody ELISA
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Bovine tuberculosis is a respiratory disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium bovis. It is a major infectious disease found worldwide in domestic animals, particularly cattle, as well as in certain wildlife populations. 

Airborne transmission is the primary pathway for infection of M. bovis within and between species; however, animals may also become infected if they ingest large quantities of the bacterium. 

Although tuberculosis tests based on cell-mediated responses (skin and gamma interferon) can detect animals in the early stages of infection, they still fail to detect up to 20% of truly infected animals. 

Using antibody testing for bTB control programs can significantly improve the detection of bTB-infected herds. In bTB-negative areas, antibody testing can be used on other sample streams as an easy, cost-effective surveillance tool.