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Avian Influenza Antibody ELISA

Avian Influenza Antibody ELISA
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Domestic and wild avian species are affected by avian influenza viruses. The disease is characterized by a wide range of responses, from virtually no clinical signs to high mortality. Respiratory signs are common, along with a drop in egg production, greenish diarrhea, bloodstained nasal and oral discharges, and cyanosis and edema of the head, comb and wattle. 
Because of the variation and severity of clinical symptoms, serological testing produces significant advantages to detection of infected flocks. Monitoring the exposure of a flock to influenza viruses is facilitated by the measurement of antibody to avian influenza virus in serum.

We can offer the kits as below:

Influenza A Antibody ELISA Multi-species 
Influenza H5 Antibody ELISA 
Influenza H7 Antibody ELISA 
Influenza N1 Antibody ELISA 
Influenza N2 Antibody ELISA 
Influenza N9 Antibody ELISA