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Aflatoxin B1 ELISA Test Kit

Aflatoxin B1 ELISA Test Kit
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The Kernel Aflatoxin B1 ELISA Test Kit is a one-step, competitive enzyme immunoassay for the quantitative analysis of aflatoxin B1 in cereals, feed, meat, milk and milk powder samples. 

Aflatoxin B1 is a toxic secondary metabolite of the fungi species Aspergillus flavus, A. parasiticus and A. nominus. Aflatoxins are believed to be the most carcinogenic naturally occurring substances. Aflatoxin B1 is the most potent of all of the aflatoxins. Aflatoxin B1 is most commonly found in peanuts, corn, and oil seeds such as cotton. Aflatoxin B1 has also been found to contaminate wheat, sorghum, Brazil nuts, legumes and rice as well as many other commercially important foods. As aflatoxin B1 is heat stable, it is very difficult to destroy once formed. 

The Kernel Aflatoxin B1 ELISA Test Kit has the capacity for 96 determinations or testing of 42 samples in duplicate (assuming 12 wells for standards). Return any unused microwells to the foil bag and reseal them with the desiccant provided in the original package. Store the kit at 2-8°C*. The shelf life is 12 months when the kit is properly stored.