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BVDV Antigen Plfocus ELISA

BVDV Antigen Plfocus ELISA
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The Kernel BVDV Antigen PIfocus kit is a diagnostic solution, based on ELISA technology, that detects persistently infected cattle with high accuracy. The ELISA can detect the BVDV-antigen in serum, blood or ear tissue samples and can differentiate between persistently infected (PI) and acutely infected animals. 

The Kernel BVDV Ag PIfocus assay is a rapid, sensitive, and highly specific test for the detection of PI-animals that demonstrate the BVDV p80 antigen. The method for BVDV antigen detection is a sandwich ELISA giving a signal proportional to the sample antigen concentration. The antigen test detects the BVDV using two monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that recognize different epitopes on the highly conserved NS3 non-structural protein (p80) of BVDV. One of these mAbs is labelled with an enzyme that generates a color signal. The sample is positive when color has formed.